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Are you interested in being a surrogate?

A surrogate, also called a gestational carrier, is a woman who carries a child for someone else who cannot safely carry a pregnancy to birth. It is our mission to provide unparalleled service throughout the surrogacy process. We ensure that you have specialized legal representation, expert medical care, and hands-on support for the entire surrogacy process. 

Who Can Be a Surrogate

Women who are considered for participation in Surrogacy Choices program as Surrogates:

+ are between the ages of 21 and 39
+ have had at least one healthy uncomplicated pregnancy
+ must be actively parenting at least one child
+ are healthy and free of sexually-transmitted diseases
+ do not smoke or take illegal drugs
+ are not alcohol dependent
+ are not currently on public assistance
+ can pass a background check

Surrogate Compensation

The compensation for being a surrogate varies depending upon your location, circumstances, and history of previous surrogacy (if any). Compensation may be up to $40,000 for qualified surrogates. All compensation is agreed to between you and the intended parents and written into a contract approved by both parties, Surrogacy Choices, and attorneys representing the you and the intended parents.

All of the expenses related to surrogacy process are paid by the Intended Parents, and acting as a surrogate will not cost you anything. 

The surrogacy process can be complicated, and every pregnancy comes with possible difficulties, which is why Surrogacy Choices is committed to promoting the physical, emotional, and financial health of every single surrogate. Please contact us today to learn more about your options helping families in need through the miracle of surrogacy. We look forward to hearing from you soon.